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The site caters to married men seeking women, married women seeking men, attached men and women seeking single men and women seeking gay men and lesbians.

Panic button in the lower right corner of the screen automatically sends your browser to YouTube and logs you out of Victoria Milan.

Private photos and photo editing ensure your privacy while you use the site.

Height selection during sign up is only in centimeters and weight is only in kilograms.

Have to register and confirm an email address to see the site

Can't view any profiles or photos unless you go premium or upload a picture of yourself and get it approved.


Victoria Milan was founded in 2010 by Sigurn Vedal. He was a program director for Norwegian Radio. It was meant to serve as the European version of Ashley Madison, but quickly grew in size and is now available all over the world. They currently have over six million members and they have a strong focus on affairs and security. They employ a lot of the same methods as Ashley Madison and always make sure that their users are safe and anonymous. It should be noted that, although similar to Ashley Madison, Victoria Milan has not been the subject of any major data breaches.

Private photos and editing

Given the nature of the site, it makes sense that a lot of focus would be directed at how you let people see your face. The site employs too simple methods. The first is simply using private photo collections. This is where you can show yourself off in any light and no one will be able to see them. You have to approve access for anyone on the site to get a look at them. They’re also completely locked away from non-members. If you want to be able to look at private photos, you’ll need a subscription to the site.

Photo editing is also a great way to hide your identity. You can add a black bar or a mask to your face right on the site. It lets you hide your identity while still letting other people get a sense of how you look. These photos can easily be kept on your public profile without you worrying about being found. It’s one of the best features on the site and pretty much all of the users take advantage of it.

Panic Button

Hands down, the best safety feature of the site is the panic button. You can hide your identity all you want, but if your spouse comes in and finds you on the site, there won’t be any question of your intentions. This red button in on the lower right hand corner of the screen at all times. Once you click it, you’ll immediately be signed out of Victoria Milan. On top of that, your browser will be redirect to YouTube. It’s an instantaneous thing that can easily save you untold anguish. It’s one of the best features to find on the internet, let alone on this site.

User base

The membership numbers for this site are massive and there’s a good reason for that. They do a great job of letting you look for an affair. You can expect to see plenty of people who are looking for something more on this site. It’s open to men and women who are married, attached, and even single. Needless to say, discretion is a must here. You’re not going to meet someone to text at 1am just to talk. The people on this site are looking for illicit affairs and they treat their time on site as such. You won’t be able to see what someone looks like until they trust you enough to share their photos with you. You’ll also have to work at making a meet up happen. If you have the patience to do things right, you’ll be rewarded with secret relationship that no one else in the world ever has to know about.

Membership option

Victoria Milan offers just the right number of choices to get your premium membership. There are three of them so you can sign yourself up for any number of months. The first option is Premium Gold. This one lasts for three months and costs $150.00. That works out to $50.00 per month or $12.50 per week. The next option is for Premium Platinum. This one comes at a cost of $240.00 and lasts for six months. That all works out to $40.00 per month or $10.00 per week. Finally, there’s the Diamond Premium. It lasts for a full year and costs $360.00. That’s $30.00 a month or $7.50 per week. It’s the most cost effective options and you only have to make one payment per year.

Payment options

The site lets you pay in a few different ways to make sure everyone has a chance to do it. The first method is with a credit card. They accept all of the major ones, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The next option is through a wire transfer. All you need is your bank information and you can send the money directly. They also let you pay with CCBill. This is a third party rebiller that you can use on a lot of different sites. You’ll always have the option of letting them save your payment information. That lets you sign up with just a click. If you choose this option, your bank statement will read as a charge from them and not Victoria Milan. Finally, they accept PayPal. You can pay with PayPal credit, your PayPal balance, or with your bank through them. If you choose an option other than CCBill, you can still feel comfortable about your statement. It will simply show up as a charge from Paysec USA LLC. Once again, you’ll never see a charge from Victoria Milan anywhere in your banking information. No one with access to it will be able to see that you’re using the site.

Premium Features

By going premium, you’re getting access to all of the features that the site has to offer. You’ll be able to send and receive messages, which is the most important feature to have. You’ll also be able to view and read all of the profiles from other users, which you couldn’t do without going premium. It’s a way to make sure your identity remains secret to anyone who isn’t a member of the site. You can also request private photo access and see the users who are visiting your profile. One of the best features is being able to see who’s adding you to their favorites list. You can use it as a way to let other people know that you’re interested without having to send them messages. It almost works like a flirt feature that some other sites use. If someone adds you to their favorites, they’re obviously interested and it gives you plenty of good reasons to go and say hello.


Victoria Milan is one of the most secure options for someone looking for an affair. They take your privacy very seriously and that shows in everything they do. You can even use the panic button if someone walks in on you while you’re on the site. It will immediately sign you out and send you to YouTube. You’ll be billed by an anonymous company and you can make it so you only have to make one payment a year. It’s possible to both hide and edit all of your photos. The people on the site are serious about their privacy and they’re serious about having an affair. It’s one of the best options for any who’s looking to stray from home to find the happiness that they need in their lives.

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