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Edit your photos before you upload them so you can keep your identity secret while you’re on using the site

Everyone on the site has to upload at least one photo if they want to get access to private photos from other users

Users are encouraged to send full messages to other users rather than a simple hello when they start a conversation

Have to register and email address before you can see the site and decide if you want to upload your information

The popularity of the site makes it a target for data breaches and the site has been through a few of them

Sending messages costs credits that you have to buy in order to use the site properly



Ashley Madison was founded in 2002 by Darren J. Morgenstern. It’s a Canadian online dating service and the name is derived from two of the most popular female names in North America. Ashley and Madison come together to simply form Ashley Madison. It’s owned by Ruby Corp and boasts a membership of over 60 million people across 53 different countries. It currently serves all of north America, western Europe, Oceania, and parts of Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Ease of use

The site itself is extremely easy to use and you can make your way around very quickly. The main page is dedicated to an extensive list of members in your area. You can check out as many profiles as you want with your free membership, as well as requesting access to private photo galleries. This simply requires that you upload at least one photo of yourself before you can ask for your access. It’s a great way of making sure that most of the people on the site are showing themselves.

It’s specifically for affairs

The whole point of Ashley Madison is to give men and women who are married or dating a way to have an affair. Even the tag line of the site states “Life if short, have an affair.” This approach to dating has made the site the target of data breaches in the past. Users have had their information stolen from the site and shared publicly. They’ve undergone many changes since then and the site has never been more secure than it is right now. It’s this focus on cheating that pushes most of the users on the site to operate discreetly while they’re online.

Photo sharing

Anyone can upload as many photos as they want to their profiles. What sets this site apart from all the others is that it offers you a way to edit them to hide your identity. They have several different effects that you use to blur your face of you can simply cover it with a supplied asset. On top of that, every user gets one public photo gallery and one private one. Access has to be granted to the private galleries so you always know who can see them and who can’t. This is where most members choose to show their faces or upload nude photos of themselves.


Unlike most dating sites, Ashley Madison doesn’t offer a monthly subscription. They instead let you buy credits that you can then use to send out messages to people. Without credits, you can only respond to paying members that have sent you the first messages. They’re the only way to use all of the features that the site has to offer you and you can buy credits in lieu of uploading a photo in order to request access to another member’s private photos.

Credit packages

The credits are made available to you in three different packages. They’re they basic tier, the classic tier, and the elite tier. The basic tier comes with 100 credits and will cost you $.59 for each one. That’s a billing of $59.00. Classic comes with 500 credits  at a cost of $.34 for each one and a bill of $169.00. The best deal is the elite package which comes with 1000 credits at a cost of $.29 and a one-time charge of $289.00. Once you get your credits, you can use them to talk to anyone you want with no restrictions.

Payment options

The site offers plenty of different ways for you to pay for your credits. They accept all major credits cards and you can enter your information right on the payment screen. You can also choose to pay with Paypal at checkout. This will link directly to your account for a fast checkout and your credits will be delivered immediately. If you choose to send a check instead of paying online, they list their address in Toronto for you. You can make your check payable to Ruby Life Inc. and your credits will show up after the check it received and cleared. You can also redeem unused gift cards to get your credits. The amount that you get for them will depend on the brand and the amount of money that’s on them. It won’t be for the full value of the cards, but it’s an easy way to get rid of them if you’re not going to use them and the most discreet way fo signing up for the site since there’s no billing statement for you to worry about at all.


Ashley Madison is simply the best dating site on the internet for married and attached people. They take your safety very seriously and give you plenty of different ways to keep your identity secret. There are more than enough payment options for buying your credits once you decide to take the plunge. You even get a private photo gallery so you always know who gets access to your more revealing photos. The people who use the site are serious about keeping their activities secret and they’re serious about meeting up with other people. It’s more than worth a look for anyone who wants to have an affair in the safest way possible.

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