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All users are ready to hook up as soon as they log onto the site

Three day trial available to check out the site before you join for good

Three month hook up guarantee ensures that you'll always find a hook up

Have to register and verify an email address to see the site.

Constant IMs and invitations to view cams while you're trying to browse

Constant video ads playing in the sidebars


Only Hook Up is a relative newcomer to the world of hook up sites, but they’re part of a much larger network that’s been in operation for almost two decades. It’s owned by Dating Gold and in the company of other hook up sites like Hook Up Cougars, Affair Hook Ups, and Naked Locals. If you’ve ever heard of those sites, it’s because they’re some of the most famous on the internet. The parent company certainly knows what they’re doing and they make it as easy as possible to find a hook up.

It’s easy to communicate

The whole basis of the site is to make it easy for you to talk to other people. They do that by giving you more than enough options to do so. The first way is simply with emails. Subscribed members can send as many as they want to as many people as they need. There’s also an option to simply send a flirt to someone. It’s a great way to let them know you’re interested if they’re not online. They’ll see it when they log on and know that you’re into it. Finally, you can text them directly. You’ll need to give the site your phone number first. Once you do that, you can text other people who have provided it directly from the site. You don’t have to worry about your actual number being shared, though. That’s kept private and messages are relayed through the site. It’s the best way to talk to someone because you always know that they’re getting your messages. You can also catch them when they’re out, but possibly still interested in hooking up.

It’s easy to use

Everything you need is right on your home page at all times. You can see online members on your feed and contact them right from there. You can also sort them by newest or highest rated. There’s a communication bar at the bottom of the page to let you know who’s sending you IMs. It’s also where you can respond to them and talk in real time to set up your hook up. It’s obvious that this site makes it easier than most others to talk to horny people.

Upgrading options

Only Hook Up has just the right number of options to upgrade your account. First off, there’s a three day trial membership that you can buy. This one will give you access to all of the features for a limited time. It costs $1.95, or $0.65 per day. Next is the VIP membership. This is a one month option that costs $29.95. It will auto renew at the end of the month if you don’t want to cancel it. Then there’s the silver membership. This is a three month option that will cost you $49.95, or $16.65 per month. Once again, it will auto renew at the end of the three months. Finally, there’s the gold membership. That one costs you $69.90 or $11.65 per month. It lasts for six month and auto renews at the end of it.

Membership benefits

What you get with an upgraded membership makes it more than worth it for you. You’ll be able to view all of the profiles and photos on the site without any restrictions. You’ll also be able to send and receive unlimited messages and instant messages. You’ll also be granted full access to live video chat and be able to create private one on one chats. It also comes with unlimited Buddy invites and you’ll be featured on all search results. The best part is that you’ll get full access to the VIP videos and you’ll be able to play adult games. If you ever have an issue, you’ll get expedited customer support to get you back up and running right away.

Three month guarantee

What’s really great about this site is that they offer a three month hook up guarantee. What that essentially means is that if you’re a silver member or higher, you’re guaranteed to meet up with someone. If you don’t, the site gives you another three months of access for free. That can be great if you’re getting closer to a hook up but can’t quite make it all the way in the time you’ve already paid for. There are some conditions that you’ll have to meet first. Obviously, you’ll have to have been a paying member for at least three months. You’ll also be required to have logged on a few times every week. On top of that, you’ll have had to have sent at least three messages per week to other users in that time. It’s essentially all of the things you would be doing on your own. It’s great to keep in mind, though. If you realize you’re coming to the end of a week and have only sent out two messages, you can send out the third to make sure you remain eligible.


Only Hook Up does exactly what it claims to do. It makes it incredibly easy to talk to anyone at any time. You can even text them directly through the site. The messages go to their phones, so you can catch them when they’re not online but still interested in hooking up. The people here are always horny as well. You can tell that with one look at all of the nudity on their profiles. The people here are clearly advertising what they have to offer in the hopes that someone will take them up on it. It’s all in the name, as well. This isn’t a site to join if you’re only interested in talking or a long term relationship. It’s a place where people only go to hook up. If that’s what you’re really looking for, then this is the perfect site for you. It you just want to talk or send messages back and forth, there are much better places for you. Sign up when you’re ready to hook up and the site will pretty much take care of everything else. The members here are starved for sex and they’re willing to have it at any time someone else becomes available.

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