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Site caters to single men and women, gay and straight couples, whole groups and trans people.

Easy to use design that makes it easy to find people in your area

Talk to people through email, IM and on your cam

Have to register and verify an email address to see the site

Constantly being contacted by horny members looking to hook up while you're trying to browse

Can't view full profiles without gold membership access


Passion is a great hook up site that’s owned and operated by the Adult Friend Finder Network. What makes it great is the fact that you get access to people from across the entire thing. That means a person logging into the flagship site will show up to you on this one, if they’re in your area. That gives you access to over 7, 000, 000 people in the United States alone. There are thousands of users who log on each and every day and you can talk to them when they’re horny and really ready to play.

It’s easy to use

The site is very simply designed. You can see the local members who are online right on your homepage. You can also look for matches based on your search criteria. If you don’t feel like hooking up in person, you can just scroll down and check out all of the people broadcasting on their web cams. There are always going to be a lot them. You can find you inbox right on the sidebar, as well as see how many people are viewing your profile and favoriting you.

Everyone is horny

One look at the profile pictures is all it takes to see that the site is filled with horny people. They always make sure to post naked pictures of themselves. That’s because they’re actively looking for hook up and they know it’s the best way to make sure they find them. If you can see everything they have to offer you, you’re much more likely to choose them for your nightly hook up. They’re also always more than happy to show you the goods on their web cams. In fact, you can expect to have plenty of people sending you invitations to look at their cams. They’ll really do anything at all to make sure they get laid and the person to help them out can always be you!

Membership options

Passion really lets you pick the best membership option for you. There are three main ones, then another one to three on top of those. How you mix and match them is up to you. The first option is for one month of gold membership. It costs $34.95 and will be rebilled ever thirty days. The next option is for three months of gold. This one is a cost of $59.85, or $19.95 per month. It will be rebilled every three months and saves you money over the monthly option. Finally, there’s the one year option. This one is a charge of $179.40, which works out to $14.95 per month. That one gets billed once a year and is the most cost effective option that you can find. Then there are the other options on top of those.

Standard contacts

Any basic gold membership will let you talk to other gold members. The problem is that standard members can’t contact you. It greatly reduces the number of people that you can get in touch with. If you want the ability to talk to them, you’re going to have to purchase the standard contacts option. There are three of them that you can buy on top of your gold membership. The first one is a single month of access to the standard members. It costs $24.95. The second is three month access to them. This one will run you 35.85. Finally, you can buy a whole year of standard contacts. This will be a charge of $107.40. The really nice thing about all of this is that you can mix and match however you want. For instance, you can buy a year of gold and a month of standard contacts. You could also buy a month of gold and a month of standard contacts. The only thing that you can’t do is sign up for standard contacts for longer than your gold membership, which makes perfect sense.

Payment information

The site currently accepts all major credit cards for your payment. You can do it right on the site and pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and plenty more. It’s all handled by a third party biller, so the name of the site never shows up on your statement. You can also use your checking account. All you’ll need will be your routing and account numbers. If you don’t mind things taking a little bit longer, you can also mail in or fax your order. All it takes is printing out their form, entering your information and sending a check or money order. You’ll just have to wait until it gets processed before you get your access.

Gift cards

Passion also accepts gift cards as payment. All it takes is having a major brand with some money on it. How much gold access you get depends on the brand and amount of money on it. For example, a Walmart card with $50 on it will get you 49 days of gold. A Best Buy card with $25 on it will get you 21 days of gold. You’ll have to enter your card information to find out how long you’ll be able to get your access for.


Passion is absolutely filled with horny people and there are more than enough ways to hook up with them. You can search for your local area and find someone on any night of the week. You can IM with them and sext for as long as it takes for the both of you to get off. You can even turn on your web cam and cam the night away. It’s always up to you and there are so many horny people on the site that it’s next to impossible for it not to work for you. It’s more than worth the time to check it all out and see what it has to offer you.

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