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Users get private photo albums that are only visible to people on their friends list

Text members directly to talk to them when they’re not logged into the site

Check out member cams to see what everyone is up to in person

Have to register and verify an email address before you can start using the site in any way

No way to communicate with anyone on the site unless you upgrade to a premium membership

Design of the site is very bare bones



XMeets is a hook up site with over one million active members. Men and women are free to seek out any kind of relationship that they want, but its main purpose is for casual sexual encounters. If works much in the same way that a social media platform operates. You can add people o your friends list and you’ll get full access to their private photo collection. It’s a great way to make sure that not just anyone can see your lude photos after you upload them to the site. The only condition is that you can have to have premium member status in order to use your friends list or be added to anyone else’s.

Ease of use

The site is very easy to use. It has a very bare bones design, that doesn’t really look the best, but it works well. There’s nothing to get in your way or slow down your system while you’re browsing it. You can see all of the people in your area right on the homepage. It takes all the guess work out of knowing where the people you’re talking to are in relation to you. You never have to worry about trying to set up a meet with another person only to find out that they live across the country.

Member updates

One of the best things about the site is that members can post updates about what they’re doing or how they’re feeling. They call them “tweets” even though they have nothing to do with twitter. The entire system is part of XMeets and nothing that you post here will end up on your twitter account. You can say anything you want and know that it will only be shared with other users of this site. It makes for a peace of mind that’s necessary when you’re being open about your sexual thoughts.


Any premium user on the site is able to broadcast their webcams to the other users. Any other premium user can watch them and interact with them in real time. It lets you know exactly who you’re talking to and gives you a good idea of who you should be trying to connect with on the site. Most of the users have their cams on as a way to have cam sex with other members. It’s a great option when you don’t feel like going out and meeting up with a real person. You can just have a good time on cam and head to bed.

Membership options

There are three different options when it comes to getting your premium membership. The first one is to simply try out the three day trial membership. This will cost  you $2.97 per day for a total of $8.90. The next option is to sign up for a full month. That will cost you $29.95 and will rebill every thirty days. Next up is the three month membership. That comes in at $16.65 for a charge of $49.95 every three months. Finally, there’s the six month membership. These cost you $11.65 per month and will bill you twice a year at $69.90. That works out to be the best deal that the site offers by far.

Payment options

There are two different payment options to choose from when it comes to getting your access. The first method is paying with an online check. You’ll have to enter all of your banking information for a wire transfer. Once it’s complete, you’ll have full access to the site. The second method is to pay by credit card. They accept four major brands, so you’ll need a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or JCB to sign up this way.

Premium features

If you want to use the site, you’ll basically need to have your premium access. It will unlock all of the things that you need to talk to other people on the site. You’ll have the ability to send and respond to messages, add people to your favorites and friends lists, chat in real time, watch webcams, and send direct text messages to other users. It’s also the only way to get unlimited profile views. Without it, you’ll only be able to view a certain number of them on any given day. Once you hit your limit, you have to wait until the next day to look at more.


The best way to spend your time on the site is with the Quickies feature. This is game that sends you profile pictures of people in your area. You can choose to click on the yes or no based on whether or not you would want to have a quickie with them. If both people click yes then you’ll be notified and able to talk about setting up a time to get together. You can also simply check out any of the people’s profiles to get a better look at them.


XMeets is the kind of site that you have to be on if you’re looking for hook ups. There are plenty of people on it all day and night long. There’s always going to be someone to talk to about getting together. It’s easy to use and the membership options are all very simple and straightforward. The Quickies game is a great way to meet new people in the area and find out if they’re interested in hooking up with you. It’s worth your time to check it out, even if it’s not flashy like some of the other sites out there.

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