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Plenty of options to get your gold membership and you can sign up for Meet Locals at the same time

Get free CamSoda tokens when you sign up and use them right away

See local members when they log on and start chatting with them before someone else gets to them

Need paid membership to view any profiles

Too many women trying to talk to you through IM while you're on

Lots of nudity means you can't use it where other people can see it



SnapSext has been around for a few years and already has millions of members across the globe. It’s owned by their parent company Global Personals, which has over a decade of experience. The company began back in 2003 when it was started by partners Ross Williams and Steve Pammenter. They paid for everything with credit cards and were quickly granted awards for entrepreneurship in 2006. Some of the other sites under their umbrella are Dating Republic, Singles 365 and Adult Play. All of them are great at hooking people up with others who are looking for the same kind of relationship.

User Base

The user base of this site is massive and everyone is looking for the same thing. It’s all about the sex here and no one is afraid to do the foreplay before the meet up. Trading nude pics is a huge part of the process and most of the people you talk to will want to do it before you meet up. You should also be prepared to see plenty of nudity on the profiles. It might be best to use this site away from other people who can see what you’re up to.

Easy to use

It’s really easy to get around this site and everything is right where it needs to be. All you have to do is pick the most attractive people when you sign up. The site will use this information to send you the very best matches. You’ll see them all right on your home page and you’ll be able to contact them as soon as you choose your membership.

Membership Options

SnapSext really goes out of its way when it comes to offering you just the right membership. There are five different options in total and anyone can choose the one that suit their needs the best. The first option is for a two day trial. The regular price is $4.95, but they’re currently offering it for $0.95. That comes out to just $0.47 per day. The next level up is a for a 7 day trial. This one has a regular price of $14.95. It’s currently being offered at a much lower cost of $9.95. That works out to just $1.42 a day. It’s a bit more expensive than the 2 day option, but you’ll have the time to really learn how the site works inside and out. Above that option is the one month membership. It has a regular price of $39.95. Once again, it’s being offered at a discount that comes to $34.95. Then there’s the six month option to consider. This one will run you a single payment of $69.95. It works out to just $11.65 per month. Finally, there’s an option for a full year of membership. That one will be a onetime payment of $119.95. It comes out to just $6.65 per month, but that’s not all. It also comes with six additional months free. That means that the full membership for this option is 18 months long. It’s a lot of service for the very best value that the site has to offer you.


It’s important to note that each option will rebill at the end of the term. It won’t be for another identical length of time, though. After your term expires, you’ll be billed on a monthly basis. Each one has its own cost. The 2 day option rebills at $49.95 per month. The 7 day option will rebill at $49.96. The one month membership will be a rebill of $34.95. Six months of membership works out to a monthly rebill of $29.95. Finally, the one year option will rebill at the end of the 18 months. This time it will be a monthly charge of $14.95. Once again, the full year of membership works out to be the most economical one. You’ll continue to get rebilled until you decide to cancel your membership or switch over to a new option.

Meet Locals

No matter which option you choose, you’ll be able to join Meet Locals at the same time. It will be in a drop down box at the top of the payment page. If you decide that you want it, you’ll get a 3 day trial membership for free. It’s the perfect time to really check it out and see if you think you can use it to help you hook up. If it works well for you, you can keep you membership. You’ll be billed every month at a cost of $49.60. Once again, this will rebill until you decide that you want to cancel it. It’s a great way to make sure you get charged on the same day for both memberships so you don’t have to worry about it. You can also just opt out if you don’t want to join. Simply click on the drop down menu and select “no.” Your membership to SnapSext will go through just the same. There won’t be any restriction placed on your account at all. You’ll still get access to all of the same features that you would have had otherwise. You just won’t be joining the other site at the same time.


Billing is handled by a third party rebiller. It’s called RocketPay and you can choose to let them save your payment information. If you ever come across another site that uses it, you won’t have to enter any of your details. They’ll just use the same payment method to get you signed up as quickly as possible. Using the rebiller also means that you won’t have a charge on your statement from SnapSext. It will simply show up as “ 844-895-6232” or “ 844-729-0707.” It will ensure your privacy and make sure that no one with access to your statement will be able to see that you’re on the site. You can pay with any major credit card. They currently accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. As long as you have one of those, you’ll be able to sign right up and get your gold membership instantaneously.


What works great about this site is the ease of communication. You can send someone an email or you can send them an IM. You can also choose to share your phone number with the site. This will make it possible to send and receive texts. It makes it possible to talk to people directly, whether they’re on the site or not. It makes it next to impossible to miss out on a hook up when another person is in the mood. You’ll even be notified when members sign up. That lets you get to them before anyone else and make sure that you’re the person they end up spending the night with.


SnapSext is pretty much guaranteed to get you a hook up. The people here love to trade nudes and they love to have sex. You can text them on their phones when they’re not on the site to talk to them and make plans for your hookup. You can get notified any time someone logs on. It ensures that you’ll be the first person to talk to them and the one who ends up with them at the end of the night. As long as you’re interested in hooking up and not just talking, this site is perfect for you and does the hard work of getting you laid.

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