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Three day trial membership for premium access available

Tons of visitors as soon as you sign up

Over 60,000 members in the United States alone

You need to register to check it all out

Can’t read messages as a free user

Site automatically fills out your height and body type with random information


Dating sites are great ways to find other people who are looking for long term relationships. Everyone’s on the same page when it comes to their desires. It’s not like having to guess which person is single and actively trying to find a relationship from your sphere of friends and coworkers. Not everyone is out to date and get married, though. Plenty of people just want to find a place where they can meet up for casual sex. This has even bigger problems attached to it out in the real world. Going out with someone who’s looking for something more than a hook up can be completely disastrous. It can wreck your social standing if the other person is part of your social life. You’re also running the risk of embarrassing yourself if you get together with someone who has no sexual interests at the time. Trying to meet someone at a bar can be even worse. It’s next to impossible to find someone who’s both eager for a hook up and in the mood to have one. That’s why a site like InstaSext exist. They take out all of the guesswork and put you in touch with likeminded people who just want to have fun.

Site design

The site is very simply designed and easy to use. Everything you need is right in front of you at all times. There’s a toolbar on the side of your screen that you can use to jump around as much as you want. Your homepage is filled with profiles that you can check out whenever you want. The site uses your IP location to show you members in your immediate area who are online and ready to hookup.

Site history

InstaSext has been around for just over four years. It’s based out of the United States and has over 60,000 members there alone. There are about 2,000 daily unique users checking it all out for the very first time. With most of them joining, it’s no wonder that there’s always someone here to talk to. It makes it one of the easiest sites on the internet to meet someone new with similar interests. You both already know that you want to hook up, so it’s just a matter of setting it all up.

There are thousands of pictures

What makes the site really great is the fact that over 80% of it is just pictures posted by the members. Even if you’re not in the market for a hookup, you can log on and just see what the people want to show off to you. They’re not holding anything back, either. Most of the profiles you see will have nude pictures posted. It makes sense when you think about why the people are using it. They want to get laid and they’re going to do whatever it takes to make it happen. That means advertising the goods and seeing who bites.


The site has a lot of different features that premium members can take advantage of. The first and most obvious is messaging. You can expect to start getting them as soon as you sign up. You’ll need your premium access if you want to read and respond to them. They also offer a match making service that puts all of the best options right in your face. You can also view and talk on live cam. Each member has the ability to broadcast themselves to anyone they want. It’s a great way to see someone before you decide to put the effort into meeting up.


One of the absolute best features of the site is the Hot/Not game. It works just like a swiping app. You’ll be presented with members who are directly in your area and who match your search parameters. You’ll be able to scroll through their public photos and decide if you think they’re hot or not. If the other person also rates you as hot, you’ll both get notified. It’s a perfect way to break the ice and ensure that you’re only talking to people who want to have sex with you.

Premium access

If you want to unlock all of the features that Instasext has to offer, you’ll have to upgrade your account to premium access. There are plenty of options for you here and each one will come with its own discounts. The one month option will cost $29.95. It will auto renew every single month until you go in and cancel it. If you let it keep going, it will turn out to be the most expensive option for you. It’s best to pick one of the other plans if you intend on sticking around. The next option is the three month membership. This will be a one-time charge of $74.85 and cost you $24.95 per month. After your initial three months, your membership will be auto renewed every one month after that at $19.95. Finally, there’s the six month membership. This is least expensive and will cost you a one-time charge of $119.70. After your six months have expired, your membership will once again auto renew. This time you’ll only be getting charged $9.95 every month.

In order to get a feel for how the site works, they offer a three day trial. It’s completely unlimited and will let you use everything that the site has to offer. It also has the potential to be the most costly membership on the site. Your initial charge will be for $2.97. If you want to stay and simply let your membership renew on its own, you’ll be charged a full $39.95 per month. The charges will once again keep coming until you go in and manually cancel it.

Searching Feature

The searching on this site is as simple as it could possibly be. You’ll get drop down menus and just pick the options that are best for you. You can choose women who like men or men who like women. Then you can set your age parameters. They go from 18 all of the way up to 64. Then you just set your desired radius from matches. It can be anything from 10 miles to 250 miles around you. Then a click is all it takes to get your matches.

Everyone here is horny

The best thing about Instasext is that there’s no pretense to deal with. All of the people are here for one thing and one thing only. That’s it. They want to have sex and they’re willing to work for it. Women have no problem with sending messages to men. They certainly have no problem with showing off their naked bodies to them. People only log on when they’re horny and it shows. It’s the best way to make sure that you spend your time hooking up and nothing else.


Instasext is one of the best hookup sites that you can find online. It has everything you’ll ever need to find someone for sex whenever you want to have it. It’s easy to use and there are plenty of options for you to sign up. It only takes a minute to get yourself on the site, but you’ll be glad you did it for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t feel like hooking up, you can spend your time playing the Hot/Not game and liking people for a future meet up. It’s more than worth your time to join.

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