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Activity center lets you see when people post new photos or videos in real time so you never miss out on anything

Sign up for SMS so other users can text you directly without ever have to share your actual phone number with them

Plenty of premium membership options so you can get the subscription that’s best for you

No way to look at profiles or send out messages without paying for a premium subscription plan first

Only credit cards are accepted ways of paying for your premium membership to the site

Swipe game limits the number of people you can look at in a single day



Fling is owned by Worldwide Connect Partners, LLC and operated by Global Personals. This company runs many other dating and hook up sites and has been in business since 2003. There are currently over 2,000,000 users on the site with active members online every single day. It makes it very easy to be able to find someone in your area who’s in the mood to get together for a hook up. The site is designed for casual sex and not for long term relationships and the user base reflects that.

Site design

The site is designed very well and it’s built to let you see as many different people as you possibly can. There’s a constant stream of local people right on the homepage so you always have someone to talk to when you’re logged in. Most of the users are actively looking for other people to interact with. The lack of additional features means that when people log on, it’s to find a hook up. It’s not the type of site where people can go just to waste time. It makes your chances of finding sex as good as they can possibly be.

Instant messaging and SMS

The real draw of the site is that you can send instant messages to people to talk to them right away when they’re online. It saves you from having to send an email and wait for it to be read. You can also choose to send a text message directly to anyone that you want to talk to. If you sign up for this feature, other members will also be able to text you. Your phone number is hidden from them, but they’re able to send the texts through the site to get your attention right away.

Video chat

In addition to texting and instant messaging, any member can open up a video chat with any other member. It’s the best way to make sure that you’re really talking to the person that you thing you are. You also have the option of simply broadcasting your video feed live to the entire site. When you do this, any other members can view it and talk to you while you broadcast. It’s one the best and most effective ways of getting attention for yourself while you’re logged in seeking out someone to meet.

Membership options

Fling goes out of its way to make sure you have plenty of membership options to choose from. There are five of them and each one comes with its own benefits. The options are two days, seven days, one month, six months, or a full year. These costs come out to $.95, $9.95, $34.95, $69.96, and $119.95 respectively. It should also be noted that the one year membership also comes with an additional six months of access for free. That’s an overall savings of 80% when compared to the other options and works out to be the most cost effective.

Payment options

All payments are currently handled by Rocket Pay. This is a third party biller that handles all of the monetary transactions. Any problems with your billing should be directed toward them. They only accept major credits cards as their form of payment. That means that you need a Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover to sign up. Once you enter your information, you’ll have the option to saving it with the biller or deleting it after your transaction. If you choose to save it, the card information will be stored with Rocket Pay and you’ll be able to use it on any other site that uses them.

Everyone wants to hook up

The users of this site are very open about what they want and they’re never afraid to go out and look for it. That means that you’re going to come across more than enough nude photos from the people in your area. They know that they have to highlight themselves in order to get attention and they’re more than happy to do it. There are a high number of them who are also willing to post videos of themselves. It gives you an exact idea of what they look like before you take the time to meet up with them.

Three month guarantee

The site is so sure that you’ll be able to use it to hook up that they offer a three month guarantee. If you’re a premium member for three consecutive months and you never hook up once, you’ll get another three months for free. The only catch is that you have to a photo posted to your profile and you have to have sent out at least five messages to different member during that time. If you meet those requirements, you’ll be eligible for the three free months.


Fling is a premier hook up site that’s been operating for many years. That’s because it simply works. Men and women from all over the world use it to hook up and they find great success with it. You can video chat with other users as well as text them directly when you’re looking for some fun. That makes it one of the easiest sites to use when you want to head out for a meet up. There are two different trail options, so there’s no reason to not give it a shot and see how well it works for you.

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